About Us

Splash Screen Games (previously known as Free WebGL Games) offers a gaming experience like no other for kids and adults alike.

100% free and easy to play on any digital device, our games are educational, fun, and suited for the whole family. Featuring cute characters, easy-to-follow narratives, and enough variety, there is plenty to explore on our website.

Our collection has been designed by parents who saw the need to create educational games where children could learn as they play. After all, online games are so much fun, so why not have a platform where they can learn with every interaction?

The result is tried and tested online games with proven results to improve kids’ progress in school. This is thanks to our games including all the building blocks needed for early education: phonics, counting, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, sorting games, and more!

However, what makes our platform different is that there are no hidden costs or subscriptions involved. We know how annoying it can get waiting for an ad to finish or needing to pay money to unlock extra content.

That’s why our free online educational and casual games are conveniently offered 24/7 without needing to worry about accidentally clicking on a game install or to another website.

Plus, there is no need to install anything; simply let your kids play their favorite games on the platform where they are most comfortable: Desktops, tablets, or mobile phones, our games are optimized to work on any digital device!