Need a colorful guide to help you with adding and subtraction? Princess Countelly is here to help!

Never get stumped by grouping or sorting number pairs – with Princess Countelly, you’ll always be able to get a perfect match.

Colorful and eye-catching, this numbers list will make mathematics a breeze. It is great for improving memory and number skills for any player of any age. Try it out and see what we are talking about!

If you need to practice multiplication, or even do a speed test to see how fast you can do times tables, Princess Countelly allows you to do just that. Simply open the number list and start practising with your nifty list.

This game is so easy to use, plus you will never have to print out a numbers list again. So, give it a try on the device of your choice. Princess Countelly works on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

You can challenge friends and family to some number fun as well. Create sums and then see who can figure out theirs the fastest. It’s just another reason why Princess Countelly is a perfect math monarch.

If you are looking for a similar interface, check out Big Mouth Math too!

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