Get ready for a Wild West adventure with Wild West Phonics! Whether you want to practice the alphabet, counting or phonics, this free online game is the place to start learning.

Our browser-based, free game combines the thrill of the frontier with the power of phonics education. Its fun soundtrack and lively gameplay make it so much fun – especially as you get cheered on after each challenge!

So, saddle up for a literacy journey like no other! Players of all ages can learn essential phonics skills on any device through exciting Wild West challenges.

From wrangling letters and following the alphabet to taming tricky sounds, this game is a rootin’ tootin’ good time!

Play now and watch your phonics proficiency shoot for the stars. Yeehaw, partner – learning can be so much fun in the Wild West!


  • Phonics: Match the picture icons with the correct starting letters.
  • Counting: Aim and shoot to count your numbers in the correct order. Watch as the posts fall down with every correct shot!
  • Alphabet: Sort your ABCs from start to finish by taking aim at the letters in the correct order.

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