Are you ready to hop into Easter with an easy, enjoyable game for the whole family? Color Me In Easter is just what you are looking for!

This free online coloring-in game is a great way to create Easter-themed images that can adorn your home. They make sweet gifts for family and friends too – just print out your works of art as beautiful mementos!

Whether you want to color-in beautiful Easter eggs or sweet and naughty Easter bunnies, our selection of characters are just waiting for you to add colors and personalities!


Pick the Easter character you would like to color in by clicking on the image of your choice. Choose a color, then start creating. Don’t worry if you make a mistake: Simply click on the eraser to remove a line that doesn’t work for your artwork.

Once you are done, click on the camera icon to download your Easter picture. You can then print it out to have pride of place in your home. Or you can save it for later or use it as your desktop background.

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