Have you ever wanted a multi-colored fish? Do you love creating artworks that you can stick to the fridge, or use as your computer background?

Well, now you can! Paint your favorite fish picture any way you like with Color Me In My Aquarium.

This easy-to-use game allows you to choose from a variety of fish species and then add vibrant colors with every stroke.

Color Me In My Aquarium is a great app where pictures can be created and shared with friends and family. Take a photo, then print it out as a personalized birthday card or for any special occasion.

Let your creativity flow, and have fun!


Pick the fish you would like to color in by clicking on the image of your choice. Choose a brush, then click on the color you want to start with. Don’t worry if you make a mistake: Simply click on the eraser to remove a line that doesn’t work for your artwork.

Once you are done, click on the camera icon to download your picture. You can then print it out or save it for later.

If you liked this game, give Color Me In Easter a try for more coloring-in fun!

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