Immerse yourself in the ultimate bug-squashing adventure! Bug Panic offers hours of exhilarating fun as you embark on a mission to squash pesky ants and emerge as the ultimate bug-busting champion.

Fastest fingers first – will you be the bug panic winner? Start playing today and challenge your family to see who will be victorious with a top score!

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Play for free and experience the thrill of becoming a true bug-squashing master. Get ready to conquer the insect kingdom today.


Use your mouse arrow (on desktop) or your finger (when using a touch screen) to squish as many bugs as possible as the ants start crawling across the screen. Watch the timer – you want to grab and squish as many insects as possible.

Every squished bug will make you feel victorious, so enjoy seeing how those pesky ants are never able to escape your watchful eye as you prove triumphant with every round!

So, let the bug panic settle in as you get ready to show the bugs who is the boss. It’s easy to get started and once you are in the groove, no bug will escape your sight …

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