Have you always wanted to see famous landmarks around the world? Do you know your Eiffel Tower from your London Bridge?

Well, play Globe Runner! You will see all of them for as long as you can run, jump and get ahead.

Play with caution though, as hitting one of these famous icons can be quite painful, and you will have to start your time from the beginning, but hey, who can get sick of these beauties of the world!

This game is a must for those who love running and jumping game. You’ll love seeing how your character, perched on top of the world, shows no fear as it runs across the world towards discovery.


Use your mouse key to activate every jump, or tap the screen to propel your runner over every landmark. And if you didn’t make the jump the first time, don’t worry! Simply go onto the next round of jumps and let your globe runner travel the world.

Aim your jumps carefully and watch as you build up enough points to become the Globe Runner winner. Restart at any time and enjoy a fun game where your character is set to conquer the globe from beginning to end.

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