Gone Fishing

Don’t have time to leave the office to go do a bit of fishing? Do you dream of getting the ultimate catch of fish like a seasoned pro, but getting to the fishing waters is beyond your reach?

Don’t despair, now you can catch fish right at your desk, on the train, at your in-laws! Gone Fishing is a fantastic fisherman’s game where you can catch a rainbow of fishes.

Every fish is designed with a quirky look, from big eyes and round bodies, to longer, sleeker fish ready to dodge your rod. Gone Fishing features a fun soundtrack too, make playing loads of fun for everyone.

You don’t have to worry: Once you get into the swing of things, you can easily catch fish after fish.

Make it a challenge and compete against your family, friends and colleagues.

Who is the fish master? Play to find out!


Your swinging fishing rod is moments away from helping you nab those fishes from the water! Click to lower your stick, or simply quickly tap when a wish is nearby. Keep an eye on your lives left over – you want the fishing fun to last as long as possible, so aim carefully!

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