Jungle Jumpers

Jungle Jumpers is a free endless jumping arcade game. The objective is to catch the stars before they fade, to beat your previous score and compete against your friends.

It’s time to bounce with Jungle Jumpers! This free endless jumping arcade game is so much fun – especially when your bouncing character catches coins and stars before they fade.

Jungle Jumpers is fun and easy, so why not try to beat your previous score? Even better, compete against your friends for jumping victory as you take turns to play!

Avoid the flying enemies, and collect as many coins as you can to select several playful characters to play with. Watch as your character collects reward after reward as he jumps through every scene.


Use the keyboard arrows to move your character in the direction you want to move. Keep an eye on the on-screen arrows too for clues on where you can bounce to.


  • Endless fun game play: Simply click and start bouncing toward coins and stars. Jungle Jumpers provides endless jumping fun perfect for relaxation!
  • Simple One-Touch-Control: It’s as easy as using your computer’s arrow keys or tapping your tablet’s screen!
  • 6 Different characters to choose from: Earn points and unlock a host a of characters as you play.
  • Pickup and play game: Enjoy an anytime game full of fun and surprises!

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