Get ready for icy fun with Icicles! Follow the ice circle in this free online game as you aim to dodge icy pikes and make every rotation count.

Are you ready for an ice adventure? Icicles will take you on the ultimate challenge where you move forward, doge and win!

Plan your strategy as you dodge icicles that pop up unexpectedly. Click your mouse or tap your tablet screen in time – it’s the ultimate challenge that will test your reflexes and anticipation.

This easy online game can be enjoyed by the whole family. Kick back and relax, and challenge each other to an icicle game that keeps things interesting and fun.

Play it on the computer or relax with your favorite digital device as you conquer an icicle world.


The blue icon will be moving around the ice circle – click or tap as soon as you see an icicle pop up. The idea is to move around this icy obstacle course to get to the other side of victory!

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