Beat the odds with Shape Scape as you pass through shapes of all sizes! This fun, free online game is a relaxing casual game that you can play anywhere, anytime.

Are you ready to travel through space and time as you dodge edges and aim to move forward?

Shape Scape is a game of strategy and wits, but trust us, it is all worth it as you beat every hurdle that stands in your way!

Shape Scape is suited for the whole family. It is a great challenge game to see whose avatar can last the longest.

If you love problem-solving games, Shape Scape will not disappoint. It is easy to start, but tough enough to give you a mental boost too. Once you get comfortable playing this game, there is no stopping you from traveling through the galaxy as you navigate through every obstacle.


Carefully guide your player icon forward, making sure you do not bump any shape edges or lose any lives. You can control how fast you move forward or sideways. If you hit any obstruction, you simply need to start again.

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